To meet this objective, FONPLATA funds the execution of studies, projects, programs and works necessary to promote a harmonious development and physical integration of the River Plate Basin and its area of influence.

In this regard, projects and works funded by FONPLATA must effectively contribute to the development of its member countries showing technical and financial soundness, financial security, appropriate institutional framework, social justification and a clear care for the environment, giving priority to projects focused on:

  • Physical infrastructure to supplement existing regional systems.
  • Social investment in health and the building of basic infrastructure, and provision of safe drinking water.
  • Farming and industrial production and, correspondingly, promotion of exports;
  • Environmental projects, nature conservation, contaminated and recycled water, promotion of the management and conservation of water basins, soil erosion control, among others.

To satisfy the requests of its member countries, FONPLATA offers the following financial products:

These products are provided to any member country or any of their political divisions and national and sub-national institutions, public or mixed companies with mostly public capital.

Funding requests from the public sector must be submitted through the governments of the member countries, even when they are not direct borrowers. The requests from mixed companies shall be submitted with a statement by the government of the member country in which they are located stating its interest in the project and its will to provide the guarantees required by the policies of FONPLATA.