To support the integration of the member countries in order to achieve a harmonious and inclusive development within and across the River Plate Basin areas of influence by helping reduce socioeconomic disparities and favoring the complementarity and synergy of efforts of national development organizations and other development agencies. This shall be accomplished through the implementation of small and medium-sized projects in specific geographic areas to help one or more countries achieve greater integration at a sub-regional, regional and global level.


To increase the lending capacity of FONPLATA and turn it into a relevant, streamlined, effective and cost-efficient organization for the direct and supplementary funding of actions that promote integration. Those actions shall aim at reducing the differences in the relative development of the member countries and the asymmetries in the River Plate Basin areas of influence.

To this end, FONPLATA’s operation is based on the following five strategic pillars, key components for an organization that finances investment projects to promote the integration of its member countries:

  • Institutional efficienty
  • Functional specialization
  • Strategic complementarity
  • Focus on the value of the member countries
  • Financial strength and lending capacity grouth