The second annual meeting of FONPLATA’s Board was held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra

180th Meeting of the Board of Executive Directors

With the participation of representatives from all FONPLATA member countries, the first on-site event of 2022 was held at the Bank's headquarters in Bolivia.

As is customary in every March, the participants reviewed the conditions for sovereign and non-sovereign risk lines of credit, approved the Financial Statements, and handled other issues inherent to the operation of the organization.

Were present at the 180th Meeting of the Board of Executive Directors: María Laura Pellegrini, for Argentina; Sergio Cusicanqui, for Bolivia; Eduardo Rolim de Pontes Vieira, for Brazil; Oscar Pérez and Francisco Ogura, for Paraguay; and the Director for Uruguay, Fernando Scelza, who served as Chairman of the Executive Board. The meeting was also attended by FONPLATA's Executive President, Juan Notaro, together with the Bank's senior management.