FONPLATA contributes to the development of social tourism in Argentina

Ph. Ministry of Tourism and Sports - Argentina

FONPLATA – Development Bank will fund the program “Enhancement of Hotel N° 3, of the Chapadmalal Tourist Unit, and Hotel N° 5, of the Embalse Tourist Unit”, located in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Córdoba, respectively. The objective is to enable the access of different groups of the society, particularly low-income population, to social tourism infrastructure through the value enhancement of these hotels.

The total investment on the program is of USD 15 million, to be co-financed by FONPLATA, with USD 12 million, and local contribution of USD 3 million.

FONPLATA's funding aims at supporting social tourism, which, in line with several international statements, implies the right of all citizens to tourism, and is seen as an inclusion instrument that provides the access of neglected groups to leisure.

These interventions will increase the number of beds available by 1,022 (out of a total of 2,900), as from the reopening of both hotels. Additionally, the program will enhance Argentina's heritage in the hotel industry, complying with accessibility and safety standards. At the same time, it will involve the training of workers for the tourist units and their area of influence by developing their skills in the most important areas related to tourism.

The of the Nation will oversee the execution of the program, which will contribute to the fulfillment of two of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: "Good Health and Well-Being" (SDG-3), “Decent Work and Economic Growth” (SDG-8) and "Reduced Inequalities" (SDG-10).