FONPLATA invests in the socio-environmental and urban development of Cascavel – Brazil

Ph. Cascavel’s Municipal Government

The Development Bank approved a US$32-million funding for the Urban Development Program of the municipality of Cascavel, in the Brazilian State of Paraná. Focused on the most vulnerable population, the investment will enable the implementation of sanitation and urban mobility works, the construction of two large environmental parks on the outskirts of the city, and the creation and improvement of social welfare centers.

The loan will contribute to improve the quality of life in this Brazilian municipality through the implementation of the Cascavel Urban Development Program - PDU Cascavel/PR. The total cost of the program is US$40 million, of which the Development Bank will fund US$32 million, and US$8 million will be locally funded. Besides, 40% of FONPLATA’s funding (US$12.9 million) is granted through the Bank’s Green Credit Line, which offers funding at a lower interest rate.

Cascavel is a hub in the State of Paraná due to its geographical location, close to important cities such as Curitiba, Londrina, Foz do Iguaçu, Campo Grande, and the port of Paranaguá. Thus, it facilitates the export of its production, generating such a growth in its economy that the municipality has also become a local point of reference in terms of job opportunities, increasing its urban population.

FONPLATA's funding will complement other efforts of the municipality to improve road network and urban mobility, especially by addressing the current deficit in the coverage and quality of services related to urban sanitation and the need for green areas, leisure areas, and social welfare for its most vulnerable population.

The specific objectives of the works to be executed through Cascavel’s Municipal Government are to reduce flooding in the most vulnerable areas through macrodrainage, reduce travel time, increase the number of bike paths, and recover riparian forests.

The investment includes the construction of two large environmental parks, Santa Felicidade and Floresta (100,000 square meters each), on the city’s outskirts. These parks will include sports fields and leisure areas, and, in the case of Santa Felicidade, an Intergenerational Community Center (CCI) and a Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) for social support and welfare assistance. On the other hand, part of the resources will be used for the construction of a multi-sport gym of more than 1,000-square-meter, with a metal roof and masonry closure that includes cloakrooms, located inside the Intergenerational Community Center (CCI) of Cascavel Velho, which is already a public space for vulnerable groups.