The FONPLATA Tahuichi Cup Awards its 2020 Champions

Premiación Copa Tahuichi FONPLATA 2020

The “FONPLATA Tahuichi Cup” had 430 teams, comprised of both girls and boys from different parts of the country, competing in 14 categories for seven days, demonstrating that soccer can be an important integration tool.

The soccer championship, organized by the “Tahuichi Academy” with the support of the FONPLATA - Development Bank, concluded on the afternoon of Sunday the 12th of January, at the “Tahuichi Aguilera Stadium”, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (eastern Bolivia).

Henrique Pissaia, FONPLATA´s Chief of Staff, participated in the awards ceremony rewarding those with the most goals, goalkeepers least defeated, champions and runners-up.  “They have demonstrated that our country has much talent and that we must support them”, said Roly Aguilera Gasser, Director of the “Tahuichi Academy”.

There were teams from different parts of Bolivia among the participants.  There even was a team who came from Tartagal (Northern Argentina).

The competition took place at the same time and in parallel to the “Mundialito Paz y Unidad” in its twenty-fifth version, where “Tahuichi” was crowned as the champion team, after winning against “Santani” from Paraguay 1-0.

The “FONPLATA Tahuichi Cup” is a part of an interinstitutional agreement, taking place for the third year in a row, supported by the Development Bank along with the “Tahuichi Aguilera Soccer Academy”.

The agreement structured within the FONPLATA “Development Program for Genre Equality, Cultural Promotion, Social Action and Sports”, takes into account the financial contribution made for the “Mundialito Paz y Unidad 2020” and the “Tahuichi Cup”, that starting this year also carries the name of FONPLATA.  Two other championships are considered, inter-neighborhood and comprehensive support to girls’ soccer.

In addition, there will be the financing of 50 scholarships for girls and adolescents, who will benefit once again with daily training sessions at the Academy, daily nutritional supplementation and, periodic training sessions both in sports psychology and environmental care workshops.