Successful International Forum on Risk Management supported by FONPLATA

Forum "Risk Management: Six questions to understand local resiliency"
Ph. Office of Civil Defence - Province of Salta

The event, organized by the Ministry of Safety, the Office of Civil Defence, and the Provincial University of Public Administration, comprised six online meetings with presentations of renowned international experts. The activity is one of the actions agreed upon within the framework of a non-reimbursable technical cooperation granted by the Development Bank to the Argentine Province of Salta, which enabled the addition of cutting-edge technology to strengthen the Province’s disaster management system.

The online international forum: “Risk Management: Six questions to understand local resiliency” started last October 13, the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. There were six panels, forty panelists, and six world-renowned moderators, and the audience was composed of people interested in the subject from twenty countries, especially from three important South American regions: The Great American Chaco, the Chiquitanía, and the Amazon. Its goal was to generate a space to exchange experiences and knowledge with focus on post-disaster communication, climate change, humanitarian aid, resiliency, and public policies.

In the closure of the activity, the Secretary-General of the Province of Salta, Matías Posadas, on behalf of the Governor of Salta, Gustavo Sáenz, and the Deputy Minister of the Province Civil Defense, Jorge Arce, highlighted the contribution of FONPLATA. “On behalf of the Governor of the Province, we thank FONPLATA for trusting our provincial university and government with the organization of this forum”, stated Posadas. In addition, Arce said that the Development Bank “has supported us in everything we needed and we are thankful; we are also available and, we believe, able to continue to participate in projects together with FONPLATA”.

The forum is one of the actions planned within the framework of a non-reimbursable technical cooperation granted by the Development Bank to this Argentine province through an agreement signed with the Office of the Deputy Minister of Civil Defense of the Province. These resources have enabled the purchase of new radio equipment, the design of their use protocol, the creation of a communication strategy for the local Emergency Operations Center (COE), and training workshops for technical staff. Through this Forum, the Province of Salta seeks to become a significant actor in the region regarding the compliance with the UN Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction and in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 Agenda.


Panel 1 video: “What are governments doing to foresee and reduce risks?”

Panel 2 video: “How can we adjust to climate change to reduce risks?”

Panel 3 video: “How important is humanitarian aid when facing disasters?”

Panel 4 video: “How do we prepare for reconstruction and rehabilitation after a disaster”?

Panel 5 video: “What are the new technologies for disaster management?”

Panel 6 video: “How to communicate to be part of the solution and not of the disaster?”

Video Summary: FONPLATA technical cooperation / Province of Salta - Argentina 2020