Uruguay assumes the Presidency of FONPLATA’s Board of Governors

20th. Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of FONPLATA

The 20th. Meeting of the Board of Governors was held on September 17 and chaired by Azucena Arbeleche, Governor for Uruguay.

The Assembly took place online and was attended by the authorities representing all FONPLATA’s member countries: Leandro Gorgal, Undersecretary of International Financial Affairs of Argentina; Gabriela Mendoza, Minister of Development Planning of Bolivia; Roberto Fendt, Special Secretary of Foreign Trade and International Affairs of the Ministry of Economy of Brazil; Óscar Llamosas Díaz, Minister of Finance of Paraguay.

All items presented for consideration at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors were unanimously approved: the proposal for the allocation of net income of year 2020, the update of the General Regulations for the incorporation of new members and the new Institutional Strategic Plan 2022–2026.


On the other hand, the representatives of the different countries requested the analysis of new capital increase scenarios to be considered once the main effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are overcome.

In addition, the Governors highlighted the importance of the incorporation of new member countries, within the framework of the Articles of Agreement approved in 2018 and expressed their support. Moreover, they highlighted the achievements of FONPLATA, as well as the plan proposed for the coming years.

The Executive President of FONPLATA, Juan Notaro, highlighted the Governors’ collaboration with and commitment to FONPLATA, which is reflected in the new Strategic Plan prepared for the coming years.

The meeting was also attended by alternate governors and members of the Executive Board of Directors of FONPLATA: Marcos Daniel Vago and María Laura Pellegrini representing Argentina; Marcelo Laura Guarachi, Bolivia; Erivaldo Alfredo Gomes and Marcos Machado Guimarães, Brazil; Ana Osorio, Iván Johnnatan Haas Rivas, Oscar Antonio Pérez López, and Francisco Katsuki Ogura Kono, Paraguay; and Hernán Bonilla representing Uruguay.

FONPLATA – Development Bank works towards the integration of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay to achieve harmonious, inclusive, and sustainable development. Its goal is to favor a better integration of all member countries in Latin America and the global market by funding studies, projects, programs, and technical advice and support. FONPLATA: bringing development closer to the people.