FONPLATA supports road infrastructure and sanitation in Blumenau – Brazil

Ph. Municipality of Blumenau/SC

The Development Bank has approved funding for more than USD 50 million for the “Urban Infrastructure and Sanitation Program for the Municipality of Blumenau/SC”, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, aiming at improving the quality of life of the population through investments in sustainable urban infrastructure and drinking water supply works.

The program will be executed by the Municipality of Blumenau and involves a total investment of USD 32.5 million. FONPLATA – Development Bank will fund USD 50 million and the remaining USD 12.5 million will be provided locally.

The works of this program will reduce travel time for users of the North Structural Corridor and expand the city's bikeways network. Investments will also be made in works for the second Water Treatment Plant (ETA II), aimed at expanding it with a new system to increase treated water production capacity and expanding the raw water collection system.

The program is aligned with the fulfillment of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially with two of them: “Sustainable Cities and Communities” (SDG-11), as actions are implemented to improve urban mobility and provide access to safe, affordable and sustainable transportation systems; and “Clean Water and Sanitation” (SDG-6), as actions are planned to improve water quality and efficiency in the use of water resources, ensuring the sustainability of the extraction and supply of drinking water.