Alberto Fernández, Juan Notaro and Jorge Capitanich discuss loan implementation to strengthen the health-care system in the Argentine Province of Chaco

Fernández and Notaro in the meeting
Ph. Argentine Presidency

The Executive President of the Development Bank, Juan Notaro, took part (virtually) in the meeting carried out in Argentina between the Argentine President, Alberto Fernández, the Secretary of Strategic Affairs and Governor of FONPLATA, Gustavo Béliz, the Deputy Minister of International Financial Affairs for Development, Christian Asinelli, and the Governor of the Chaco Province, Jorge Capitanich. During the meeting, they agreed on the essentials to sign the USD 40 million loan agreement to fund the “Social Investment on Health Care Project – Chaco Province”, which aims at enhancing the capacity, quality and sustainability of public health-care services.

The project’s total investment is of about USD 55 million, of which USD 40 million are funded by FONPLATA and the remaining USD 15 million, by local contribution.

The public health-care system of the Province of Chaco is the only option of 58% for its population. Therefore, this program will have a major impact on the provincial health indicators, contributing to the compliance with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-Being (SDG 3). 

Encuentro en Argentina

This project will aid to enhance the infrastructure and equipment of all medical and services facilities of hospital centers of different levels of complexity throughout the province, through the construction of new buildings or the expansion, repairing and/or functional adjustment of current premises, plumbing and electrical systems, and services.

Hospital service management will also be improved by the deployment of electronic medical record, training of health personnel, modernization of emergency response protocols, and the deployment of an information system focused on decision making on public health policies, as well as on their monitoring and assessment.